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Wauwatosa West Scholarship Foundation

The Wauwatosa West Scholarship Foundation (WWSF) was established to develop the financial ability to recognize and award scholarship funds to graduating Wauwatosa West students with post-secondary plans.

We have proudly awarded over 170 scholarships totaling more than $152,000 in scholarships to graduating Wauwatosa West seniors with the support of parents, staff members, alumni and our community.

We are proud to announce our 2023 WWSF Scholarship Recipients! Best of luck to all of you!

Evan Olson (Steven P. Nook Memorial Scholarship), Abby Burgardt (Gregory Pihos Memorial Scholarship), Amanda Schaefer (Brady Foundation Scholarship), Olivia Veit (Karen Syburg Memorial Scholarship), Ethan Espinosa, Logan Espinosa, Elsie Hermanson, Camille Socol, Matthew Byrne, Alexa Pitcher

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About Us

We are committed volunteers made up of Tosa West parents, staff members and alumni committed to raising funds for supporting our students as they graduate. While college costs continue to rise, disbursement of local scholarships has declined. The Foundation also is committed to sustaining investment and growth strategies that will benefit graduating students in the years to come.

We work together and in committees focused on fundraising, marketing, scholarship, investment/financial and policies and procedures. We always are looking for individuals with expertise in these areas.

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WWSF Board

President: Jesus Vasquez
Co-Vice Presidents: Liz Hanus-Kroll, Margaret LeDoux
Treasurer: Liz Brener
Secretary: Connie Little
Saba Ali
Stephanie Honan
Susie Reed
Sue Syvock
Christie Toye
Michele Zurawski

Policy and Procedures

Liz Hanus-Kroll, Co-Chair
Margaret LeDoux, Co-Chair
Stephanie Honan, Co-Chair
Jesus Vasquez
Charlene Wiegand


Stephanie Honan, Co-Chair
Charlene Wiegand, Co-Chair
Lindsey Erickson
Rebecca Lindstrom


Stephanie Honan, Chair
Christie Toye
Jacque Nook


Jesus Vasquez, Chair
Michele Zurawski
Charlene Wiegand


Christie Toye, Chair
Sue Syvock
Sara Silver-Traband