About Us


Our mission is simple. We are volunteers with a commitment to supporting the Wauwatosa West student community. We work together and in committees focused on fundraising, marketing, scholarship, investment/financial and policies and procedures. We always are looking for individuals with expertise in these areas. To join our volunteer group, please contact us!

2017-2018 Board:

President: Jesus Vasquez
Co-Vice Presidents: Liz Hanus-Kroll, Margaret LeDoux
Co-Treasurers: Charlene Wiegand, Michele Zurawski
Secretary: Connie Little Deb Adams
Saba Ali
Frank Calarco
Stephanie Honan
Sue Syvock
Christie Toye


Michele Zurawski, Co-Chair
Fred Robinson,  Co-Chair
Liz Hanus-Kroll, Co-Chair

Deb Adams
Sabahat Ali
Jodi Barta
Stephanie Honan
Margaret LaDoux
Connie Little
Hannah Reuhs
Sue Syvock
Christie Toye
Jesus Vasquez
Charlene Weigard


Sue Syvock, Chair
Connie Little
Sara Silver-Traband


Jesus Vasquez, Chair
Michele Zurawski

Policy and Procedures:

Liz Hanus-Kroll, Co-Chair
Margaret LeDoux, Co-Chair
Stephanie Honan, Co-Chair
Jesus Vasquez


Deb Hamer
Barb Lauenstein
Jacque Nook
Julie Ditscheit